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When it comes to windshields’ installation and calibration, using standard, traditional measures is not enough to assist drivers. Basic sensors may be the only technology available in standard measures that only alert drivers when entering blind spots.

And let’s face it- no matter how good of a driver one may be, there still may be times when an accident may occur to the best driver in the world due to unforeseen debris, harsh weather conditions, etc. In fact, most accidents on the road happen due to human error. ADAS, however, is making strides in assisting drivers with blind spots, avoiding collisions, and more.

What is ADAS?

ADAS is the acronym for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These systems include the latest auto glass industry trends that are very beneficial to the driver. In addition to sensors for blind spots, ADAS has the ability to give lane departure warnings, auto-braking, and camera scanning the road ahead. These systems can be anywhere in the vehicle, but the windshield is the best place these systems can be due to its many functions. Many other functions of ADAS include the following:

• Assisting in parking

• Detecting pedestrians, animals, and debris

• Adapting cruise control

• Auto-correcting the wheels to be inside lane markers.

• Automating glaring headlights to assist other drivers

Also, ADAS windshield installation is sometimes referred to as a smart windshield installation. Both systems utilize external data systems, like windshield sensors and cameras.

What’s Next?

Now that you know how important these windshield technologies are, it’s time to reach out to highly-trained and certified technicians for your car. Please note that everyone is not trained and certified to install and calibrate your windshield. All the equipment of these systems must be precisely aligned and adjusted to operate all the safety features of these systems.

There must be proper re-calibration or windshield replacement. It’s just not installing or replacing glass when it comes to these systems due to extreme technicalities. Cameras and built-in sensors are involved. And when sensors are just a millimeter off a degree, the whole system can be thrown off. Furthermore, there are special areas where a lens must be placed in advanced systems that utilize cameras for lane departure warning systems. With these and other issues, re-calibration is required after replacing a windshield. Therefore, it is crucial to hire technicians who are able to comply with ADAS standards.

Give All ADAS a Call

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