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Whether you’re a dealership, manufacturer, or a resident who just purchased an ADAS-enabled car, having a windshield calibration expert can be handy. Finding one can also be easy if you follow these few tips.

1. Experience

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of an expert is their experience. While ADAS is still a relatively new thing in cars, you want an expert that has been working alongside manufacturers to gain insight as to how those systems are created. An expert should understand the windshield operation of your ADAS car back and forth.

Besides rubbing elbows with the manufacturers, they should also have experience based in the field. Whenever someone needed their windshield recalibrated, they were there to offer their assistance.

Inexperience means your ADAS calibration could take a long time. The system might not even be fully calibrated. When looking for an expert, take a good time to just research how much experience they have in their field.

2. Excellent Reviews

The next step should be narrowing down your list of prospective experts based on their reviews. You can utilize numerous sites to do this. Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, Facebook, and a few other lesser-known sites can prove beneficial in determining the company’s reputation.

Testimonials on their website may be a good place to start as well. Keep in mind that some of those testimonials may be pushed to the front to give the company a good look. Performing your own research is vital to ensure that you’re receiving the entire story.

You’ll want to look for reviews that indicate the experience that the customers had was positive and professional. Keep an eye out for reviews that indicate that the expert didn’t fix the problem.

3. Based in ADAS

Another important aspect to consider when finding an expert is to choose a company that devotes itself to ADAS calibration services and ADAS services in general. These companies are better to use than those that have a large service window. They specialize in ADAS. That means they understand the system better than those employees who were only given a few days’ worths of training to learn ADAS.

The expert you need should come from a company that devotes itself to ADAS-enabled cars. These are the experts who understand those systems through and through.

4. Speak with Your Dealership

When you buy an ADAS-enabled car, it might be a good idea to talk with the dealership. They have numerous contacts with repair shops and other automotive service companies. When you need a windshield calibration expert, then they might be able to point one out to you. Because ADAS cars are still new, it can be difficult to find repair shops that offer service on their technology. The dealership should be able to provide a few names to turn to when you need service.

5. Choose All ADAS

You could also stop wasting time and choose All ADAS for windshield calibration in Phoenix, AZ. All ADAS is a company that focuses on ADAS-enabled cars. We understand the complex software and hardware laced throughout the car. Whenever you need something calibrated or recalibrated, we’re the call to make. We can efficiently and effectively calibrate your windshield.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and calibrate your car.

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