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All ADAS is proud to provide drivers in and around Gilbert, Arizona with fast, dependable, professional ADAS windshield repair, replacement, and recalibration services. We have over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, which means we are the highly qualified, skilled experts you need to keep your vehicle working properly and safely.

ADAS systems are fairly new technologies, and because of how novel they are, we receive a lot of questions about them. Our talented, expertly trained technicians are here to help. We want our valued Gilbert customers to understand all the detailed ins and outs of ADAS, so we’ve put together a short informational guide for your reference. Take a look, and if you have any additional questions about our ADAS services, please reach out to our team.

What is ADAS?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS for short, are electronic systems that improve vehicle safety, increase roadside awareness, and help drivers get where they need to go without accidents. They provide an unseen protective bubble around vehicles equipped with ADAS systems and are standard in most of the vehicle makes and models manufactured after 2011. They continue to grow in popularity as more ADAs equipped vehicles hit the market every year, and several vehicle manufacturers are ramping up their development efforts to produce even more advanced, protective, competitive ADAS systems. Each passing year, newer model vehicles become available with more complex, technologically advanced, and effective ADAS systems.

Clearly, ADAS is here to stay. It’s driving manufacturer practices, influencing national safety standards, and evolving driver safety. This rapidly advancing technology requires automobile industry professionals to stay up-to-date on everything related to ADAS repair, replacement, recalibration, and maintenance. And that’s exactly what All ADAS has done. We’re proud to be a leading Arizona ADAS expert. Our locally trained ADAS specialists have the skills, expertise, and commitment to providing the optimal safety that Gilbert drivers deserve.

ADAS systems work effectively at protecting Arizona drivers and passengers, but only when their quality is maintained by expertly trained professionals. If ADAS systems are not properly repaired, replaced, or calibrated, drivers can face potentially dangerous situations. For example, ADAs automated technologies assist drivers with many things, including but not limited to:

  •       Night vision
  •       Cruise control
  •       Blind-spot monitoring
  •       Headlight control
  •       Traffic navigation
  •       Lane departure
  •       Collision avoidance
  •       Traffic sign recognition
  •       Lane centering
  •       Emergency braking
  •       Pedestrian detection
  •       Automated parking

If any of these of other ADAS features are out of balance, they can alter the perceptions and protection of drivers, which means maintaining your ADAS system could truly be a matter of life or death. Don’t take your ADAS windshield repair and replacement needs lightly. Turn to our trusted and talented team to maintain the intricate balance between your vehicle, ADAS system, and windshield.

The ADAS + Windshield Correlation

The windshields of today are vastly different than the windshields of yesterday. ADAS technology works in conjunction with your windshield, linking it to the various safety features, automated processes, warning signals, and monitoring systems in your vehicle. Your ADAS windshield is chock full of technologies that allow you to drive safely. The ADAS system alerts your vehicle’s cameras and other sensors if you are in danger, so when your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s critical that the correct tools, software, and technology be used in the process.

The Value of ADAS

Most accidents are caused by human error, but ADA systems can significantly reduce the number of driving-related accidents each year. Fewer accidents mean fewer deaths, fewer injuries, fewer insurance claims, and less hazardous driving conditions for everybody on the roads. The ADAS safety features use modern technologies that can alert you to potential problems, implement safeguards, and control your vehicle in situations where collisions seem probable. These valuable systems can work closely with your vehicle’s operating system to keep you safe and keep your vehicle functioning as effectively as possible.

Can just anybody repair or replace an ADAS windshield?

We absolutely recommend that you do your research before hiring somebody to repair, replace, recalibrate, or maintain your Gilbert vehicle’s ADAS windshield. The extensive technology involved in an ADAS system requires professional tools, precise equipment, and highly skilled ADAS specialists. The danger associated with improper ADAS services is too great, and the risk to your safety is too high to entrust your ADAS windshield to just anybody.

ADAS systems rely on input from automotive imaging, radar, computer vision, in-vehicle networking, and other innovative data sources. All of this data can help prevent accidents that would normally be caused by drowsiness, blind spots, intersections, rain, and other conditions. While this technology offers several benefits and has great potential to reduce traffic deaths, keeping these intricate systems working is no easy task.

When you need ADAS related services, trust the All ADAS team. We’re industry experts who have been extensively trained with leading technologies to keep ADAS systems working correctly and safely for Gilbert drivers. Our local training and up-to-date ADAS service techniques mean we can keep your vehicle safe, keep your data sources in check, and keep you from suffering the consequences of amateur automotive service.

How is All ADAS qualified to maintain my ADAS system?

For over three decades, we’ve been committed to protecting our local neighbors and community members with reliable automobile maintenance and service. Our expert ADAS technicians are thoroughly and professionally trained to the leading industry standards. We have the proper training, correct technology, and precise tools to recalibrate and maintain ADAS systems. When ADAS compliant vehicles come into our facility, our detailed technicians complete before and after inspections to guarantee that everything is in the right working condition. ALL ADAS specialists never take shortcuts when it comes to your safety. That’s a customer guarantee you can always count on.

ADAS Windshield Repair

An ADAS equipped vehicle reduces human error on the road, so when your windshield needs repair services, trust ADAS experts. Our specialized technicians understand the intricate features of ADAS systems. Your ADAS windshield is fitted with a camera and other innovative technologies that alert you to danger and trigger your vehicle’s automatic safety responses. When your windshield is damaged, those sensors get sent out of whack. Misaligned sensors can increase the risk that your ADAS system will malfunction. Fortunately, our technicians are highly trained to quickly and effectively repair ADAS windshields and recalibrate them to optimal performance. After we repair your ADAS windshield, we’ll run a complete calibration to make sure that they are functioning to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Our Gilbert windshield repair process is complete, efficient, and effective so you can feel safe the second you turn on the ignition.

ADAS Windshield Replacement

If your windshield is damaged beyond repair, a full windshield replacement may be necessary. This ADAS windshield replacement service should be completed by fully trained ADAS professionals who know how to accurately measure and install the windshield without disrupting your vehicle’s safety sensors, cameras, and other ADAS technologies. We make sure we use the specific replacement windshield that meets the requirements of your vehicle manufacturer. Additionally, we also use the equipment that the automobile manufacturer recommends. All ADAS specialists utilize state-of-the-art installation techniques and ADAS calibration methods to guarantee that your new windshield will protect you, your vehicle, and other drivers on our Arizona roads.

ADAS Windshield Maintenance

Since your vehicle’s windshield is an important component of your ADAS system, maintaining its quality should be a top priority. When your windshield is repaired or replaced, it must be correctly recalibrated for your vehicle’s numerous safety features to be effective. All ADAS locally trained technicians can quickly and dependably align your ADAS system and maintain the safety of your vehicle using top-notch repair, replacement, and calibration techniques.

Although we have professional repair, replacement, and calibration techniques, there are some things you can do to maintain the health and integrity of your ADAS windshield. For example, a simple but often overlooked way to protect your windshield is to keep your driving habits in check. Stay far enough behind other vehicles to give yourself greater reaction time and to help avoid debris that could crack nick, or further damage your windshield. You can also attempt to keep your Arizona windshield as protected from direct sunlight and heat as possible because high temperatures can weaken the structure of the windshield. And of course, if you need repair or replacement, don’t push it off. Trust All ADAS experts to quickly, conveniently, and successfully restore the condition and performance of your windshield.

ADAS Windshield Calibration

Automobile accidents can be life-altering, and at All ADAS, we want to make sure we do everything we possibly can to prevent accidents for Gilbert drivers. That’s why we’ve committed numerous training hours to learning proper ADAS windshield calibration. If your vehicle’s sensors, cameras, and ADAS systems aren’t precisely calibrated, you could face obstacles and safety hazards when you get behind the wheel. Our expert technicians can professionally calibrate your windshield and make sure your ADAS technology is working properly. In the recalibration process, we always refer to your specific vehicle manufacturer’s safety system operation guidelines and specifications.

We rely on two trusted calibration techniques at All ADAS. Our first calibration techniques are dynamic ADAS calibration. In this process, we use a hand-held unit that is plugged directly into your vehicle. We consult with your vehicle’s manufacturer to determine a designated speed and optimal weather conditions for the calibration. Then, we drive the vehicle in those preferred conditions to realign the ADAS system.

The other technique we utilize is static ADAS calibration. In this process, your vehicle doesn’t need to be driven. Instead, we use an advanced camera and sensor technological features to calibrate your ADAS system within our workshop. Regardless of whether we use dynamic calibration, static calibration, or a combination of the two, we always recommend calibration if your windshield has recently been repaired or replaced, your dashboard shows a faulty code, your camera has been disconnected, you’ve had your wheels realigned, your airbag has deployed, or you’ve changed your suspension.

The actual service is only part of the equation. All ADAS maintains thorough, detailed records of all the repair, replacement, and calibration services we complete. We can certify that our services have resulted in precise calibration and our end product is operating up to the most stringent industry safety standards. This not only gives you peace of mind, but also shows insurance companies, regulatory agencies, and dealerships that we are true experts who know exactly what we’re doing.

Dangers of a Broken ADAS Windshield

A broken windshield is annoying, but when that windshield is filled with advanced ADAS technology, it becomes downright dangerous. Built-in sensors and other unseen technologies must be correctly repaired, replaced, and recalibrated to bring your vehicle back to safe operating conditions, but everything must be realigned properly or your vehicle won’t be able to utilize its safety features.

Driving with a broken ADAS windshield also increases your liability. If you’re operating an impaired vehicle, you could be putting yourself, your passengers, and strangers on the road around you in danger. An accident could lead to loss of life, injuries, expensive medical bills, and devastating lawsuits. Don’t take the risk when it comes to your ADAS windshield. The upfront investment in qualified ADAS windshield repair or replacement can save you time, keep your safe, and save countless lives.

Emergency ADAS Services

Emergencies happen, and we don’t want them to compromise the safety of you or your passengers. If you experience an ADAS related emergency, contact All ADAS right away. We’ll schedule a prompt service time, accurately inspect your system, and provide reliable repairs. Whether we need to recalibrate your vehicle’s cameras, repair the smart windshield, or provide some other service, we’ll make sure you’re completely safe before you get back out on the road.

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