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Windshield Calibration in Scottsdale, AZ

All ADAS recommends ADAS windshield calibration for all drivers who have a car that uses ADAS services and a smart windshield. You can contact us right away to get the services that you need, and we will handle any ADAS calibration that you need at any time. Our technicians have over 30 years of experience in providing an array of services that enhance driver safety.

Our ADAS Windshield Calibration Process

When we provide ADAS calibration services, we will check all the devices on the car that help you drive safely. These devices range from sensors to cameras that provide you with information while you are driving. We complete a smart windshield calibration so that the display looks correct, and we can calibrate the lane departure system so that it gives you accurate information on the road.

Common Issues with ADAS Windshields

ADAS windshield calibration is needed to ensure that your system is giving you appropriate alerts on the road. The system might alert you that you are leaving your lane even though you are not. You might get alerts that another car is approaching even though it is not, or the display on the windshield could be skewed. The cameras and sensors on the car will tell you what you need to know, and we will check all these devices to make sure that they are working. Plus, we can replace these parts as needed.

Advantages of Windshield Calibration from All ADAS

ADAS calibration services are required because you want your car to work properly at all times. We offer a professional calibration, and we will explain all the issues that we have found. We might even need to replace a damaged smart windshield. Smart windshield calibration is not possible if the system is badly damaged. We provide two ways to calibrate your windshield:

  • Static ADAS Calibration - This utilizes technological features in a well-equipped workshop. The car does not have to be driven, as we only use Camera and Sensor Calibration technology for alignment.
  • Dynamic ADAS Calibration - The calibration relies on a hand-held unit plugged into the vehicle. The car should be driven at a designated speed to realign the system.

Our Other ADAS Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Here are other services we provide for your ADAS vehicle:

  • ADAS Windshield Replacement is needed when the windshield no longer functions in the way that it should. We will order a new windshield for your vehicle, and we can install the windshield at your earliest convenience. Once you see that your windshield sustained damaged or simply outdated, set an appointment with All ADAS right away.
  • Lane Departure Warning System Calibration is needed when you are not getting the appropriate alerts from your lane departure system. We can do this as part of your ADAS windshield calibration, and we will let you know if the system can be brought back to normal.

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Contact us at All ADAS when it comes to your smart windshield calibration needs. You may call us or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting your ADAS windshield needs soon.


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