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Windshield Calibration in Phoenix, AZ, and Nearby Areas

Over two million drivers are injured from auto accidents in America every year. Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) are lowering that number. ADAS safety technology protects drivers and passengers from collisions due to human error. In fact, ADAS is expected to reduce the number of accidents by 600,000 a year. Due to its efficiency and high safety ratings, more manufacturers are implementing ADAS technology in their vehicles than ever before.

Just like any electronic asset, in order for your ADAS to operate it needs maintenance. A vehicle’s ADAS relies on a windshield for most of its communication. Its cameras and safety sensors need to be properly aligned to view the road and potential obstacles. Misalignment by the millimeter throws off your entire ADAS and makes your vehicle less safe.

All ADAS in Phoenix, Arizona, is made up of ADAS-trained professionals. Our team specializes in windshield calibration to ensure our customers’ vehicles are in tip-top shape. Without a calibrated windshield, you’re likely to experience false safety sensors and poor ADAS coordination. But after a visit with our team for ADAS windshield recalibration, your vehicle’s windshield and corresponding technology will keep you and your passengers safe throughout your travels.

Types of Windshield Calibration

You need trusted Phoenix experts to calibrate your windshield and ensure your ADAS technology is operating correctly. We’ll check your sensors and realign your camera to ensure maximum visibility. There are two types of calibration techniques we use:

  • Dynamic ADAS Calibration: Calibration performed using a hand-held unit plugged into the vehicle. The vehicle must be driven at a designated speed for the system to be realigned. The speed is determined by the manufacturer and should be completed during optimal weather conditions.
  • Static ADAS Calibration: Calibration completed using technological features in a well-equipped workshop. The car does not have to be driven. Instead, it uses Camera and Sensor Calibration technology to ensure alignment.

The manufacturer determines which calibration method is best suited for each vehicle model. In special cases, both types of smart windshield calibration are performed. Each process takes about an hour but may vary per vehicle, and we will always arrive at your Phoenix property on-time and prepared to service you.

Reasons for Recalibration

Our technicians calibrate windshields following a smart windshield repair or replacement. This allows your camera to view the road, other vehicles, and any pedestrians. It’s recommended to receive a smart windshield calibration if:

  • Your windshield has undergone repairs
  • Your windshield has been replaced
  • Your dashboard shows a faulty code
  • Your camera has been disconnected
  • You’ve had your wheel realigned or changed your suspension

Laws surrounding ADAS technology instruct drivers to seek calibration following windshield work. A misaligned camera affects just about every ADAS feature in your vehicle. This includes adaptive cruise control, automatic parking, blind-spot monitoring, emergency driver assistance, and vehicular communication systems. Without these working properly, you’re putting you and your passengers in danger.

Your Trusted Phoenix Windshield Calibration Specialists

Windshield calibration isn’t something to take lightly. Misaligned cameras and sensors lead to faulty ADAS technology and an unsafe vehicle. At All ADAS, we take safety seriously. Our professionals are industry-experts and well-trained in windshield calibration. We’re committed to assisting Phoenix drivers with the safest vehicles possible. We provide ADAS windshield replacement and lane departure warning system calibration in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale, AZ, as well as the surrounding areas. Residents know when they rely on our qualified technicians, their vehicle is in good care. If you’re due for a windshield calibration or would like to learn more about ADAS technology, give our team a call.

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