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More than two million drivers are injured from accidents in America annually. The Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) is lowering this number. ADAS safety technology protects drivers as well as passengers from a collision due to human errors. Recent statistic predicts that ADAS is expected to decrease the number of accidents by 600,000 yearly. The efficiency and the high safety ratings of this technology have led numerous manufacturers to adopt ADAS technology in their vehicles.

For the efficient functioning of this technology, it is essential to maintain its electronic assets regularly. ADAS in vehicles rely on the windshield for most of its communication. Additionally, its safety sensors and cameras require proper alignment to view the road and navigate potential obstacles. Any misalignment will throw the ADAS system off and reduce the safety of the vehicle.

All ADAS is made up of ADAS-trained professionals. Our team is very specialized and is experienced in windshield calibration to ensure that our customer vehicles are safe.

Why you need recalibration

At All ADAS, our technicians will assist in windshield calibration using a smart windshield repair and replacement technique. The recalibration is crucial as it will allow the camera to view the road, obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles. It is important to recalibrate your windshield when:

  • You have recently repaired your windshield.
  • You have recently replaced your windshield
  • Your dashboard shows a faulty code
  • Your camera is constantly disconnected
  • You’ve recently realigned your wheel or changed your suspension

Lane departure warning system calibration in Tempe, AZ

All ADAS offers a range of reliable services, especially in lane departure warning system calibration in Tempe. We can calibrate lane departure warning system devices and codes to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. We also collaborate with drivers when they notice errors in their systems or when they get displays on their dashboard.

When we calibrate lane departure warning system devices and codes, we are ensuring that the vehicle is transmitting the best and updated information to you. LDWS calibration is required when you think that your vehicle is not detecting the lanes accurately. Sometimes you may have a problem with the way the warning appears when it pops up on the windshield.

Without standard LDWS calibration, you may be getting false warnings or inaccurate readings. Further damage to the system may lead to the system going offline, and you may not get any alerts. Calibrating the system improves the of driving and increase your safety when using the passive driver aid. If not well maintained, this technology may pose more danger to you and your passengers while on the road.

This maintenance allows you to keep your windshield display in good shape and condition. The calibration is used to ensure that the system reads normally. The ADAS Windshield replacement service is necessary when your system cannot be appropriately calibrated. In this case, we will order the appropriate windshield for your car.Always ensure that your ADAS system is calibrated correctly and in good condition. In case you get inaccurate results, be sure to contact us at All ADAS right away for help with the ADAS system in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale, AZ. You can also fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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