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If your vehicle is equipped with a technologically advanced ADAS windshield, you can breathe easy knowing you’re driving around Arizona with one of the most innovative, effective safety features on the market. ADAS windshields are filled with sensors, cameras, and complex technologies that can significantly reduce driver error and better protect you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. ADAS windshields are extremely valuable vehicle safety features, but only if they are properly maintained. If your ADAS windshield is even slightly misaligned, your system could malfunction and your vehicle could be in danger. 

All ADAS specialists are extensively trained to accurately repair, replace, and recalibrate ADAS windshields. In our more than 30 years of service, we’ve provided Scottsdale drivers with quality ADAS solutions and valuable tips to keep ADAS windshields safe.

Maintain Correct Driving Speeds and Distances

Even the slightest crack in your ADAS windshield could throw off the calibration of your vehicle’s safety features. To protect your windshield from damage, remember driving basics. Maintain proper speed limits and stay safe distances behind vehicles in front of you. Not only does this give you greater reaction time in case of a driving mishap, but it also protects your windshield from flying rocks and debris.

Avoid Excessively Hot Temperatures

The Arizona heat may be difficult to avoid at times, but do your best to limit your ADAS windshield’s direct exposure to the sun. Sunlight and high temperatures can weaken the integrity of your windshield over time, making it more susceptible to cracks, chips, and other damage. When you can, keep your vehicle in the shade, parked in a cool place, and away from the heat.

Rely on All ADAS for Professional Repair, Replacement, and Recalibration

If your ADAS windshield does need repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to contact All ADAS. Our experts are trained to use ADAS technology, modern tools, and precise calibration techniques to get your ADAS windshield back to the highest industry safety standards.

Your safety matters to All ADAS. Give our local team a call to learn more about our reliable, professional, efficient ADAS windshield services.

An Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) is a common vehicle feature. By 2020, the United States will mandate all carriers be equipped with ADAS emergency-braking operations and forward-collision warnings. As ADAS technology grows, it’s essential you understand how it affects your driving.

ADAS makes vehicles safer by reducing human errors. It prevents automotive collisions and fatalities. ADAS features include blind-spot warnings, parking assistance, and lane departure. In order for ADAS to function, your system requires proper maintenance. This includes recalibrating cameras, adjusting sensors, and performing routine checks. To ensure vehicle safety, you should work with a trusted ADAS professional.

What Are ADAS Professionals?

ADAS professionals are technicians trained to perform ADAS inspections and recalibrations. They are qualified automotive experts who take the right steps to ensure your ADAS is working in your vehicle.

ADAS specialists use specific computers and technology to adjust your vehicle’s safety features. They are authorized to perform static and mobile calibration. ADAS professionals conduct pre and post-inspection tests to ensure your ADAS technology is functioning properly.

Reasons to Rely on ADAS Technicians

ADAS technology is complex and shouldn’t be completed at home. When you rely on non-ADAS technicians for repairs, your technology gets thrown off. This leads to faulty sensors and poor on-road safety. It produces inaccurate warning lights, steering wheel vibrations, and causes drivers to lose trust in their vehicles. In some cases, driving with a malfunctioning ADAS creates accidents instead of preventing them.

ADAS technicians guarantee complete vehicle safety. If your vehicle has undergone maintenance, stay safe and have your ADAS technology evaluated. If your vehicle has had a windshield repair or replacement, talk to an ADAS professional about a camera recalibration. You may also need ADAS adjustments if your vehicle has switched its suspension, had its wheels aligned, or its camera has been disconnected.

All ADAS: Arizona’s Trusted ADAS Professionals

All ADAS is happy to provide Arizona drivers with top-notch ADAS vehicle maintenance. We service all areas in the Phoenix metro area including Glendale, Scottsdale, Peoria, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Cave Creek, and Anthem. If you’re unsure if your ADAS technology has been compromised, contact our team. We’ll get you in front of one of our ADAS professionals to evaluate your vehicle. Give yourself peace of mind on the road and feel safe in your vehicle with the help of our ADAS professional team.

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