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If you’re looking into ADAS windshield calibration in Scottsdale AZ, you probably already know how advanced windshield technology has become. Years ago, a windshield was essentially there to protect you from the outside elements. It needed to be made strong enough to keep you and the occupants of your car safe as you moved through your trip. Nowadays, your windshield is so much more. In most of the newer models of cars, your windshield works with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, also known as ADAS.

What Does an ADAS System Do?

ADAS systems are made up of special tools like cameras and sensors that are mounted to the car’s windshield. This important safety technology is intended to help the driver remain safe, pulling key data from the road that will then be used to inform the driver as to how to move about.

ADAS systems are believed to have been helpful in reducing as many as half a million accidents a year. Due to this important data, more and more car companies are including ADAS systems in their newest car models. The ADAS system helps with things like letting you know if you’re moving too close to an obstacle or if someone is driving too closely to you. It helps you maneuver your car safely when you park, and it essentially takes care of everything else you need to do to make sure that you’re driving safely. It helps drivers with park assist, and it allows for adaptive cruise control.

Why is Windshield Calibration Necessary?

When you’re getting a windshield replaced, all of the ADAS equipment that you have on the windshield is also removed. When the windshield has been replaced, the ADAS equipment needs to be reattached. Because the ADAS equipment is constantly calculating precise data from the road, the windshield needs to be installed with precise accuracy. The slightest error in measurements can result in an accident. By calibrating the windshield, all of the ADAS systems will be tested to make sure that the readings are correct. The calibration will continue to make adjustments until the windshield and the ADAS equipment are perfectly in sync.

Types of Calibration

In general, there are two types of windshield calibration processes.

Static ADAS calibration services: With static calibration, your car is brought to a specially equipped workshop. It doesn’t have to be driven in order to test if a calibration is working. It uses technological features to make sure that everything from your camera to your sensors are in alignment. Tools like a camera and sensor calibration tool (CSC) will be used in order for this type of calibration to work.

Dynamic ADAS Calibration: With dynamic calibration, also called Mobile Calibration, a handheld unit is plugged into your car. The car needs to be driven at a specific speed so that the system can be realigned. The testing and calibration have to be done during ideal weather conditions, and the speed at which the calibration is done will be determined by the car’s manufacturer.

Our Team

Smart windshield calibration is an extremely complicated process, and it needs to be handled by people who are completely skilled in the entire process. Our team has the expertise, knowledge, and training to make sure that your windshield calibration process is handled professionally and perfectly so that you know that your ADAS system works perfectly with your windshield.

Reach out to All ADAS for reliable ADAS windshield calibration in Scottsdale AZ.

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