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You need an ADAS windshield replacement when you realize that your windshield is not working the way it should. A smart windshield replacement is the next step after calibration when the safety feature does not yield the results that you want. You can contact our team here at All ADAS when your vehicle is in need of a new windshield. We serve Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tempe, AZ, as well as nearby areas. Plus, we can help you understand how to care for your new windshield once it is installed.

A Brief Overview of ADAS Vehicles

Smart windshield installation is necessary because that ADAS system can tell you everything you need to know about your drive. The ADAS windshield installation that you get will tell you the speed of the car, and it will offer you safety warnings. These systems can tell you if you are straying out of your lane.

Common Issues That Require a Windshield Replacement

You might need to reset the ADAS windshield on your own by turning the car off and turning it back on. However, a proper calibration must be done by our smart windshield replacement team. We can check the windshield to make sure that it is giving you the information you need, and we will ensure that it displays properly.

You might see skewed letters or numbers, and you might get warnings when there is no danger. Our ADAS windshield installation team will tell you how we can help you with these problems, and we can adjust the windshield to stop the problem. However, we might have issues with the windshield that are beyond typical repairs.

Similar to traditional vehicles, your ADAS-equipped car may encounter cracks or chipping in the windshield. Before the problem gets worse, it is best to have a windshield replacement right away courtesy of our experts.

Windshield Replacement from All ADAS

When you contact us for a smart windshield installation, we will tell you what can be done to get the proper windshield for the car. The purpose of this is the ensure that you get the exact windshield that fits your car. We will take measurements from your vehicle, and we will use the VIN number to determine the type of windshield that you need. We also make sure that the windshield is installed properly.

Once the windshield is installed, we will test the windshield. The tests that we do let us know that you will get the proper display and the right warnings. We want you to know that the installation worked, and we also want you to see how the windshield is supposed to work.

Contact All ADAS Today

Serving Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale, AZ, and the surrounding areas, All ADAS is the team that you can rely on when you have issues with your smart windshield. We can assess the situation and replace the windshield when needed. We can give you a good price on this service, and we can calibrate your windshields in the future.

No matter what kind of car you have, we have a solution for your ADAS system. You bought the car because you wanted to be as safe as possible, and we will ensure that you feel safe when you get behind the wheel. The car will give you all the input that you need, and you can avoid drama while on the road. Call us now or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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